Africa ELTA 

2025 Conference

Call for Hosting Africa ELTA 2025 International Conference


With its vision to develop and advance the ELT profession in Africa, Africa ELTA (AE) was established in 2015 and its first conference took place in Sudan in 2016. After Sudan, the conference was held in Rwanda, Senegal, Nigeria, and online in 2021 and 2022 due to the pandemic situation. The conference was held in 2023 in Angola and will be held in Egypt in 2024. The annual conference is a valuable opportunity for offering quality professional development for teachers of English in Africa and therefore we believe in rotating the conference venue each year. Africa ELTA is, therefore, extending an invitation to associations and organizations in Africa to host its 2025 face-to-face conference. Although preference will be given to countries affiliated with AE, the call is open to any organization in Africa that meets the hosting guidelines detailed below.


To qualify for hosting the Africa ELTA 2025 conference, the host affiliate or country must:

 .               Be in Africa and be either a Teacher Association (TA) or an educational institution with an interest in ELT in Africa. Preference will be given to Applications from Countries where there is an Africa ELTA Affiliate. Institutions are encouraged to partner with an existing Affiliate.

a.              Secure, in writing, a venue that accommodates 600 plus participants. The venue should be in a good physical condition (desks, chairs, doors, windows, and working fans/AC's). The venue must also be equipped with an auditorium for plenary sessions. It should also have at least 10 small rooms (30 – 50 seats) for parallel sessions and each room should be equipped with appropriate audiovisuals (computer, projector, projector screen, etc.). 

b.              Identify and secure initial letters from two potential sponsors to cover 50% of other expenses of the conference (excluding the venue cost) to be discussed in detail during the orientation meeting after accepting your proposal.

c.              Provide one local plenary and featured speaker. (to be discussed during the orientation meeting after accepting your proposal)

d.              Share with Africa ELTA the proposed fixed conference fee for local participants in order to boost attendance.


Our conference is a 3-day-event including a pre-conference day to offer a customized training for the local members of the host affiliate through collaboration between Africa ELTA speakers and local ELT experts.

We co-organize the conference with a host affiliate according to the terms and conditions on this link.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Expression of interest responding to the requirements mentioned above, along with supporting letters (venue and potential sponsors’ letters) should be submitted to before April 30, 2024.  Africa ELTA will schedule an online Q&A session with the interested affiliates or institutions upon receiving their proposal or show of interest.