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We are part of Cambridge University Press & Assessment, a department of the University of Cambridge. We believe that English can unlock a lifetime of experiences and, together with teachers and our partners, we help people to learn and confidently prove their skills to the world. Our unique learning resources and assessments engage and inspire millions of learners throughout their entire learning journey. Over 4 million learners and teachers use our digital learning environments. With over 5.5 million of our assessments being taken every year, and accepted by 25,000 organisations worldwide, we help learners confidently prove their skills to the world. We create learning experiences that could only come from Cambridge. Our solutions for teaching and assessment are empowering millions of learners everywhere and are built on unique insights from our research, expertise, and experience. Our unique approach meets the real-life needs of everyone we work with through inclusive and accessible products and services. There’s not just one thing that helps us do this, it's a combination of listening, collaborating and partnering with our entire community that shapes what we do. Cambridge is where your world grows.

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Multilingual Matters is an independent academic publisher based in Bristol, UK. We publish research in the fields of applied linguistics, bi- and multilingualism, literacy education, multicultural education, immigrant language learning and second language acquisition. We strive to publish the very best textbooks and research monographs and are proud of our long history of publishing innovative and influential research. We are renowned not only for our quality publications but also for our professionalism and integrity.